Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What in the Blue Blazes?!

This movie was a mix between a comedey, love story, and friendship. I think it needed every aspect to make it as good as it was. Petey was a honest man who had gotten into the wrong things, but you could tell from how he handled himself after the Dr. King shooting that he was a good person. I liked how Dewey the hot shot radio station producer ended up having the most confidence in Petey. They were living in two different worlds, but still were able to find common ground in the end. The chemistry between Petey and Dewey made it possible for them to be as successful as they were. As Dewey said to Petey in the movie, "I need you to say the things I can't say, and you need me to do the things you can't do". I love the concept of that and even though things didn't go as planned in the end they still made a great duo. It was sad that Petey passed as early as he did, but I believe he lived his life to the fullest and helped change people's lives. This is obvious because at his funeral over 10,000 people attended, and that says a lot about how much people respects him and how he affected thier lives.

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