Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I want to be just like the rockstars!

It's weird to think that a music video could affect the way someone is living, but sure it can. Don't act like you have never watched a music video and never wanted to look like the singer or try to act as cool as they do on the TV. What I got from this article is that music videos have a huge impact on our society, and can make individuals do just about anything if they set their minds to it. They can make us support causes we usually wouldn't, dress in a different style, and do things that maybe we shouldn't. It uses 6 different music videos to express some of the signals they can send to the public.

Even though MTV isn't known for showing music videos anymore at one point that's all they did. When I do occasionally catch them showing one it's crazy how I find myself stopping and watching the whole thing. Then after reading this I really do realize how much affect they can have on a person. I can become sad, happy, or even pumped up after watching one. The funny thing is I would have been feeling none of that before I watched it. So I probably didn't get the full affect of this article, but I do feel I have a better view of how music videos influence individuals.

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