Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rock 'n' roll stops the traffic!

I really enjoyed this 'musical journey' as the members of U2 would describe what the purpose of filming was. I would have to say you can't go into this movie with your mind made up that your going to hate it because you are not a huge fan of U2. You have to watch it with a very open mind and in doing that you get a lot more out of watching it.

I have never really listened to the U2's music, but I really enjoyed this film. I found it so interesting to watch these upcoming musicians and their journey to fame. I mean when am I ever going to know what the ride to fame is like. The band members seemed like they had their priorities in order and becoming famous didn't fill their heads. They wanted to play their music and share whats important to them, and I didn't see anything wrong with that. I actually became very fond of how passionate they were about the cause they were promoting.

Even though the band was from Ireland they were able to show how much they loved America by their lyrics. Then at the same time writing songs about the hurt their home was experiencing during the war, and how much compassion they had for them. I thought this film gave a real look on a band that loves to make music and support something that meant something to them, more power to them!

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