Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jazz it up!

I have never been a big fan of poetry or jazz. So good think that's what we are studying! I have always wanted to be able to express my self through poems and other artistic things. It's just not happening for me I'm lucky to write a sentence with the right punctuation. Going along with today's lesson I would have to say it was pretty enlighting. I'm also sort of intimidated with having to read something I wrote in front of the class. I could never compare to the poems we read today. It makes a person wonder what they think about on a regular basis. The words they use to describe the things in their poems are hard for me to understand. I mean what does a girl with smoke braids coming out of a crater head mean? I know it's supposed to stand for something unimaginable, but I can't even grasp any kind of meaning for it. So, I'm already feeling somewhat lost and completely behind. But I'm going to try to open my eyes and not care so much what everyone else is going to think. I have a feeling they might be feeling the same way.

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