Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

Wow talk about keeping someones attention! That was one of the most compelling stories I have ever watched. I felt many different things while watching this movie. At points I wanted to comfort Billie when she got into bad situations, then yell at her for doing stupid things, and then I was mad at the people around her who helped lead her down the wrong road. It was just very depressing to see such a sweet young woman got herself into such a bad position. When Mr. Louis McKay was introduced I really felt like things were going to turn around for Billie, but still she refused to listen to the people who loved her. Although, before I can go getting upset with her I have to sympathies with her for how difficult her childhood must have been. A lot of people wouldn't have even been able to get as far as she did. She knew she had a gift and she loved to sing and thats what she did. I hate stories that don't have happy endings, but Billie still left us with many beautiful songs for us to remember her by.

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