Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pirate Nation.

Balance is the word that sticks in my mind after reading the article "FREE CULTURE", but is that even possible? Is it possible to make everyone happy all the time? The answer is NO, that's impossible especially with a topic like piracy. The creators of the music, books, and movies will never understand how giving their products away for free will someday benefit them. They want justice and they aren't going to stop till they get it. The truth is they most likely will never see the money they have lost from p2p, but I doubt they have ever noticed the money they have gained from being advertised on these so called satin programs.
Well starting with the facts piracy can "rob the authors of their profit", but it can help as well. If authors could take a step back and look at how they could use this to their advantage they may be making more profit than they were before. Authors could use the type C file sharing and give out free samples, which could lead to their sales increasing because individuals might really enjoy what they hear or see.

I'm not going to lie I was apart of the huge proportion of Americans that have tasted file-sharing technology. It's kind of hard to not use it when its at your fingertips. I mean whats better than free music at the press of a button, but then I started thinking about the people's work I was stealing and how I would feel if it was mine. It made me see how piracy is stealing and why it would cause such a big controversy in America. The programs also put viruses on my computer and making it run slow. I decided I would quit taking things through file sharing a while back. I know I might just be one person, but just me choosing to stop could influence so many others.

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